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Having written in the sporting world, for corporate marketing, adult education lesson plans, and entertainment, I know how to make concepts stick.

Audiences are smart. They are well-equipped to parse through what information is important to them and what’s not. To make an impression, the message has to feel familiar to them, or they need to find a new meaning in it. Clear, candid writing brings the right message back to the people.

The rules of good copy change with the trends, the message, and the audience. Get yourself an expert on all three.


"About Us"

To find what a company is about, ask what problem they’re solving. Here are a few examples.

Sports Blog Feature

A feature-length Major League Baseball article featuring narrative, analysis, and statistics.

Product Descriptions

A collection of keyword-optimized product descriptions ranging from technology, kitchen and home, sporting goods, food, and more.

Recipe Post

A sample recipe blog post containing a bit of narrative and a real recipe, complete with ingredient list and cooking instructions. Pasta aglio e olio, by yours truly.

Website Landing Page

A sample landing page for a moving and storage company based out of North Vancouver. This page was part of a full website rewrite in 2018.

Service Description Webpage

This weed and pest control service page was created as part of a new website project commissioned by a Vancouver-based landscaping company. It includes keyword optimization and technical language communicated for lay audiences.