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Someone once coined the phrase “unquenchable thirst for knowledge” and that’s a perfect description for why I do what I do. Always reading, always digging for the root of a concept.

This tendency has turned me into a fastidious researcher for every project I do. For me, part of being successful is having all of the information and being selective with how to use it. Knowing the what is fine, but knowing the why sheds light on the key messages and trims the fluff.

One of my other favourite reminders when things get wordy is to “edit the unmerciful suck” out of the story. Becoming a ruthless editor for my own work is an exercise in letting go, and it’s an excellent reminder that just because something is good doesn’t mean it’s necessary. An audience needs to understand that what they’re reading has a purpose.

Having written in the sporting world, for corporate marketing, adult education lesson plans, and entertainment, I know how to make concepts stick.

Audiences are smart. They’re well-equipped to parse what information is important to them and what’s not. To make an impression, the message has to feel familiar to them, or they need to find a new meaning in it. Clear, candid writing brings the right message back to the people.

Be an expert, know the audience, find the right voice. Tell the right story.

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