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Chris and Martin Kratt for Paws Canada

The brothers have been at the forefront of children’s wildlife education for over twenty years. The Kratt Brothers Company, founded by the pair in 1993, features Chris and Martin in live-action, stage, and animated productions aimed at educating children about animals and the natural world. Most recently, they have expanded into programming for older audiences. Their Emmy and Gemini Award-winning television programs Kratt’s Creatures, Zoboomafoo, and Be The Creature air in syndication worldwide while their most recent project, Wild Kratts, airs in the US on the National Geographic Channel and Knowledge Network, and in Canada on TVO. Their work has also garnered acclaim from the Aurora, Parents’ Choice, and Canada New Media Awards.

In each live-action Kratt production they work closely with wild animals, but maintain an ethos of respect for the natural environment and for the animals with which they interact. Observing but not interfering with natural systems in their work makes their approach to wildlife ideal for speaking on the importance of animal rescue, since they hold habitat preservation in such high regard. 

Often the spokespeople for animal welfare organizations are recognizable names and faces and partner with experts because they come from non-scientific disciplines. Chris and Martin have degrees in biology and zoology, respectively, and have spent the last two decades working in their field. Having produced content for children and adults, they know how to use storytelling to reach all audiences. To boot, their longevity in the industry ensures that they will have recognition across multiple demographics. The pair offers Paws Canada the complete package: camera readiness, expertise using accessible language and content, and widespread appeal.