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Body Lotion

Quench that thirsty skin! Smoothing olive oil dives deep to support elasticity while cocoa butter softens and protects. Use just a touch for quick absorption or be more generous and let it sit for intensive dry skin relief. Glow up accomplished.

Single Malt Scotch

Glenfiddich is the world’s bestselling Single Malt Scotch. With 134 years of independent distilling in every perfect sip, Glenfiddich 12 is aged for twelve years in fragrant recycled casks and finished with Highland spring water. Not for the crowd, but for the few. 

Silicone Spoon

Delightfully fun food-grade silicone cooking spoons fold, stir, and scoop everything you’ve got on the go. The 11″ ergonomic handle makes it feel like an extension of your arm. Clean up in a pinch with a dishwasher-safe, seamless unibody design that can stand the heat of a busy kitchen. 


The Gränsfors Bruk Forest Axe is hand-forged by master smiths Sweden’s northeast using traditional ironworking methods. The raw hickory handle offers sturdy construction and a long life without the need for treatment. Including a tanned leather sheath and companion axe care book, the Forest Axe is a steadfast partner for any woodsperson. 

Batting Practice Net

The small 5-foot batting net is ideal for younger players. The deep pocket absorbs ball flight and collects balls in the bottom basket for easy removal. Light and resilient nylon and polycarbonate materials prevent wear over time and weighs under 8lbs for easy transport. The innovative pop-up design keeps construction and teardown to seconds.


Light and crisp everyday cracker made with whole wheat flour and real dried vegetables to add flavour to every bite. Durable enough to withstand scooping, spreading, and a tower of toppings, but remains delicate to bite. Pair with the savoury or the sweet!


Meet the newest noise-cancelling technology from Bose. A sensitive sound monitor detects outside noise while powerful internal speakers expertly mix insulating frequencies with the perfect balance of bass and treble. Enjoy the sophisticated comfort of padded black leather detailing throughout.

Art Print

Pacific Northwest Prints use hand-inked log offcuts to stamp one-of-a-kind ink prints. Visible tree rings and knots show the tales of seasons passing through each unique piece. PNW Prints’ striking collection brings you back to the forests of British Columbia, long ago.

Floor Lamp

Classic 4′ tall floor lamp with a slim brushed nickel stand and adjustable head that suits almost any décor. The heavy base is circular with a 6″ diametre that fits easily into small spaces. Suitable for up to a 100w bulb with dimmer dial built in to adjust brightness. One black power cord included.