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ThinkFleet Management – LinkedIn Company Profile (2021)

ThinkFleet is about bringing trailblazing fleet performance, dependable support, and vehicle financing options to fleets of all sizes. These are expectation-busting, future-focused services that keep businesses succeeding well into the future.

Our team is comprised of Red Seal technicians, visionary industry innovators, data-driven analysts, and experts in fleet lifecycles. Each piece of the puzzle is in service of one goal: to tap the wild potential of fleet-dependent businesses.

Using emerging technology to gather vehicle operations data, our systems are built to turn information into action that saves money. The programs we have available can be fully customized to fit with the vision our clients have for their businesses. This includes options like round-the-clock downtime maintenance, lower-cost access to temporary or permanent fleet vehicles, driver safety tracking, telematics, and a suite of software that streamlines how the fleet operates.

It’s all this upside with none of the bureaucracy that comes with other fleet management options. ThinkFleet clients get exactly what they need: simplified communication, rock-solid logistical support, and savings.

The ThinkFleet vision is led by our core values of honesty, loyalty, and innovation. The team is full of real people with big ideas and a fundamental commitment to delivering clients the best possible outcome for their business – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Harper’s Ferry Pistols – About (2020)

At Harper’s Ferry Pistols, we have returned to the early days of the U.S. National Armory. Our authentic replicas are molded from an original Model 1807 “Harper’s Ferry” flintlock pistol and hand-painted in house. Every detail is as it appeared over 200 years ago to pay tribute to members of the U.S. Army Military Police Corps.

Harper’s Ferry Pistols online shop was launched in 2006 to offer genuine Military Police Corps crossed pistols awards and full-size insignia plaques to U.S. Army MP personnel and their families.

Every pair of replica pistols is built exactly to scale with heavy duty polyresin. Thanks to 3D molding technology, even the finest details are visible from all angles. The sets are then mounted on the base in the crossed pistols formation, right over left, in the same fashion as the Military Police emblem itself.

The final product is a timeless representation of the history and valor of the U.S. Military Police. The iconic firearms are non-functioning, non-firing, and award-quality, mounted on a solid maple base with a protective felt bottom. Both the wall-mounted plaques and desk awards can be customized with an engraved nameplate.

Gusata – Bringing Baseball to the World (2020)

Baseball is a global game, the world just doesn’t know it yet. This is Gusata’s mission: shine the spotlight on baseball stories that happen behind the scenes or out of market. The human stories of baseball make each inning, team, and league one of a kind and Gusata is home to them all.

Featuring insight into international baseball leagues and clubs with commentary designed to spark discussion, the first site devoted to worldwide major and minor league clubs has arrived. Growing the game starts with those within it and that’s why we’re here, to give baseball fans the coverage they’re missing. Baseball already reaches across countries and continents; it’s time we brought it together.

Gusata baseball blog readers can focus in on news by region or by league to keep up to date, and newer baseball fans can learn more about the game as a whole with the Explainer Series. Ever wonder who the Rakuten Tigers are or how a pitcher’s earned run average is calculated? We have answers for fans wanting to dive deeper into the world of baseball. We have an ever-growing catalogue of baseball resources available for all fans, regardless of experience or affiliation. Our goal will always be to bring the spirit of baseball to all who are looking for it.

Visit Gusata for the international baseball news and opinion; stay for the drama and magic of every season and celebrate our shared love of the game.

Join us on the journey.

Barley & Belle – Our Story (2020)

There’s a reason why pets get their own Instagram pages, have their faces printed on t-shirts, and are repped by car bumper stickers. It’s because people love their furry companions more than they can say, so they show it instead! Barley & Belle specializes in custom pet blankets that will stand the test of time and show off all of your companions in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Barley & Belle is proudly named for our own adopted pups. They have been silly, charismatic, and beloved members of our family from their first day home and we’ve taken any opportunity to showcase their sweet faces. Our background is in interior design, so developing ways to include them in our style seemed like a must. That’s when the idea for our first Barley & Belle blanket was born!

There were so many favourite photos to choose from, but we managed to pick our top two and turned them into a beautiful digital art file that fit the colour scheme of our home. Then we took a cozy micro fleece fabric that was sturdy enough to withstand everything from snuggles to tug-o-war to car rides and had it printed with our fur babies front and center. We got so many compliments on the blanket that soon we were working day and night to make more for family and friends.

It turns out we’re not the only ones who love our pets this much! To this day it brings us so much joy to see how much these blankets mean to our customers. It’s that forever love for our pets that inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing.