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Service: Weed and Pest Control


[This excerpt is from a complete website redesign for West Coast Lawns and Gardens, a North Vancouver-based lanscaping company. It was live as of 2017.]

Environmentally Responsible Weed and Pest Control

Weed Control for Lawns and Gardens

West Coast’s strategy for weed control in lawns is to establish a strong base for roots by ensuring adequate drainage and administering a a full nutrient regimen to maintain optimal soil nutrition.

A thick and thriving lawn leaves no space for weeds to grow. For turf that is already battling weeds, our team administers a series of three natural sprays containing chleated iron, which withers weeds and allows grass to fill in.

West Coast takes a holistic approach to weed control in garden beds. Our
horticulturists select species to plant that reduce space for weeds to grow, but which remain in harmony with desired flora; no destruction or harmful chemicals are required.

Chafer Beetles and Other Pests

Chafer beetles feed predominantly on plant roots, which can lead to widespread destruction of lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubs. These insects become prey for creatures like crows and foxes who dig underground for meals and often cause further damage to the turf and soil.

Our team is equipped to diagnose Chafer infestations and to deliver large-scale turf restoration for infested lawns. West Coast Lawns and Gardens use naturally occurring nematodes* in place of harmful and prohibited pesticides. 

Following lawn repair, we take precautions against future infestation and can provide nematode spray for ongoing preventative care.

*Nematodes are microscopic worms that impede survival of Chafer beetles and other invasive insect larvae. They are safe for use around children and animals.